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Here is the list of the top ten hottest careers for individuals who love to get paid while they are on a travel trip. After all, who doesn't want to get paid while having a lovely cruise in the Bahamas,

1. Pilot

Whether for a commercial airline or the government air force, pilots are envied because they can travel across the globe almost every day and the salary is one of the best paying jobs today.

2. International Chef

If you have a nice talent for creating palatable dishes from different countries of the world, you can hav
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e a chance to expose your food creations through the help of international restaurants who loves to exchange their chefs for a bit of exploration and exchange of knowledge and skills.

3. International Journalist

There is no better career like an international journalist. You can visit interesting places, know different people, and at home, you are still being issued a paycheck. The best way to jump in this career is to enroll in a journalism class that offer international internship programs after your graduation. Most journalism schools in the United States offer this option.

4. Travel Journalist

Well, this is slightly similar to a career as an international journalist but this job is safer and lovelier. Your travel editor will never send you to Iraq or Afghanistan to write an article promoting a new travel park.

5. Military

In the military, you can be assigned to different camps and bases that your country is associated with. However, this is not safe but extremely exotic and exciting. Also the armed services provide outstanding trainings on different locations.

6. English Teacher

For individuals who are native speakers or at least have an outstanding command of the language, they are privileged. You can find a successful career with ESL program or English as a Second Language in different countries around the world wherein English is not a primary language. Currently, there is a great demand for English teachers in Korea, Singapore, Japan and China.

7. Foreign Service

You can also pursue a degree in international studies and seek a career with foreign embassies. A career as personnel of an embassy is rewarding and brings honor as a dignitary in a foreign state.

8. NGOs (Non-Government Organizations)

If you have that moving drive to change the world or simply want to travel while changing the world, why not jump into an NGO or a charity which is operating around the globe, In this career, there are numerous career opportunities for travel lovers and the free-spirit. Whether you are very knowledgeable in peace policies, conflict resolution, or humanitarian works, NGOs can help you.

The best way to get started is checking online sources which will provide you with different names and information of NGOs established throughout the United States. Also, you can seek employment in the United Nations headquarters in New York City and move to the ladder until you are promoted to a staff that can travel.

9. International Business Executive

Whether a CEO or a Vice President, being the top dog of a multi-national company has its benefits and luxurious fringes, you could be signing a 300 million-dollar partnership in India or visiting a branch in Guangdong.

10. Spy

Well, as a spy or a secret agent you can visit different locations such as underground London or a forest headquarters of artillery in Chile. But this job is dangerous although it is very rewarding.
Construction and development jobs are one of the most lucrative careers for engineers, and those individuals who are very good in math and science can be very successful in this field.

Engineers mainly work with the principles of mathematics and physical sciences to create practical solutions to technical problems. Based on their disciplines, engineers can create designs, tests, production techniques and maintenance. They are also needed to supervise factory production, troubleshooting, efficiency of operations and quality of products.

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A university degree in science and engineering is required for all engineering careers and most of these jobs require licensure. Also, graduates of physical science and mathematics can also be qualified for some engineering jobs. Professional engineers who want to develop their skills should continue their studies to keep them updated with the waves of their chosen disciplines.

Most engineers face health hazards in the workplace when they are in the field work such as visiting factories, oil and gas exploration, and production factories to manage and oversee operations or create practical solutions to technical problems. However, starting pay for engineering careers are much higher than other entry-level careers in other industries, and the general perception of the job is very favorable. With the increasing career opportunities with job openings employing the basic skills and abilities of engineering, engineers now have various career opportunities from anywhere in the world.

Most career opportunities for engineers are predicted to rise because the number of graduates is in balance with the number of openings in the succeeding years. However, these opportunities vary. The following is a list of ten hottest careers for engineers that are continually growing at least until 2019.

1. Biomedical Engineering

This is a combination of biology, medicine and engineering to update medical equipment and procedures that will help in advancement. Average annual salary is $ 70,000

2. Agricultural Engineering

This discipline is a mixture of engineering, technology, agriculture and biology to devise new methods and procedures to develop the agricultural industry. Average annual salary is $ 65,000

3. Health Engineering

Health engineers create procedure and new designs to decrease the health risks, and health hazards in the workplace or the company's products. Average annual salary is $ 60,000

4. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers create, enhance, examine and oversee the manufacturing of electrical machines. Average annual salary is $ 63,000

5. Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineers apply the principle of chemistry, ecology, biology and environmental sciences to craft solutions to environmental problems such as pollutions, sewage, global warming and public health. Average annual salary is $ 55,000

6. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers conduct researches, create designs of mechanical equipment such as generators, engines, turbines and business machines. Average annual salary is $ 60,000

7. Electronics Engineering

This discipline is different from electrical engineering because this field specializes in broadcasting and communication systems. Average annual salary is $ 66,000

8. Chemical Engineering

In chemical engineering, a person designs machines and special equipment and procedures for manufacturing products using chemicals such as production of energy, food, clothing etc. Average annual salary is $ 68,000

9. Civil Engineering

Civil engineers devise and supervise road constructions, airports, tunnels, parks and other infrastructure for public use. Average annual salary is $ 65,000

10. Industrial Engineering

Engineers under this field determine the most effective methods to use resources such as human, machinery, raw materials to make products or offer services. Average annual salary is $ 67,000
1. Systems Managers

This position will make you responsible in managing the vital foundation of any company venturing its operations on new technologies and automated systems. Despite the technical nature of this career, strong supervisory and leadership skills are very essential to effectively communicate with other staff in the company and to be able to transform the complex language of systems operations into a comprehensible form. The average annual salary is $ 55,000.

2. Plant Systems Engineers

With the convergence
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of new innovations and technology, the biology industries is also in need of computer software engineers and systems engineers who will create, design and sustain the networks of plan factories, farms and special laboratories. Systems developers with a large experience in employing recent computer innovations in programming have an edge in this field. The average annual salary is $ 65,000.

3. Accountants

Accountants and auditors are needed in every business to ensure the financial stability and transparency of the business operations. If a businessman is eager to develop the company, the monetary resources should be well taken cared of. To be an accountant, one should have a bachelor's degree in accountancy and duly licensed. Average salary is $ 70,000 annually.

4. Information Technology Consultants

With the overwhelming boom of IT industry, internet users are now paying billions of dollars every year. This interest in IT creates a great demand for people who will create more interfaces to keep the wave of IT economy. IT jobs include call center agents, info advertisers, bloggers, website developers, graphic artists, programmers etc. The average annual salary is $ 35,000.

5. School Administrators

With the expansion of school districts in the United States, more and more school administrators are needed to oversee the whole operation of a certain school and manage school facilities. A good graduate degree in school management is a necessary for this post. Average salary $ 60,000 every year

6. Chemical Engineers

In chemical engineering, a person designs machines and special equipment and procedures for manufacturing products using chemicals such as production of energy, food, clothing etc. Average annual salary is $ 68,000

7. Software Analysts

Software analysts are responsible in transforming the complicated systems language into a form that can be understood by anyone. They are needed to explore different computer software that is needed in business operations since most companies are now venturing with automated systems to increase efficiency of their operations. The average annual salary is $ 57,000.

8. Medical Transcriptionists

Medical transcriptionists encode dictated recordings created by doctors and other medical professionals such as reports, observations and correspondence that may eventually become part of the patient's medical files. A medical transcriptionist can be trained in a special school or a vocational center where one can earn a certificate of training. Average annual salary is $ 25,000

9. Network Managers

A network manager manages the everyday operations and maintenance of the company's networking and automation operations. They also cooperate with network engineers and analysts to implement, tests, deploy and incorporate network systems. To fill this post one should have a good degree in any computer related course and a several years of experience in computer networking. Average annual salary is $ 75,000.

10. Medical scientists

Medical scientists conduct research on human diseases to provide necessary information to devise practical solutions to human health diseases. These results include vaccines and medicated drugs. Medical scientists can also perform clinical investigations, transcription, drug examination and technical writing. A doctorate degree in biology is very necessary to fill the post. Average annual salary is $ 90,000
If you are complacent about finding a job while in college, you should start finding one before you actually graduate. In this way, you can always have enough time to start a career. To begin with, you can always find one if you know how to look in the right places.

It is also recommended to start looking inside your university. Most universities have available list of careers for fresh high school graduates. This list is always researched and updated by national employment statistics. Your counselors can also help yo
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u to land a job with respectable companies, and they are always willing to help you in advancing your career.

At present, here is the list of the ten best alternative careers for college students:

1. Game Developers. Well, this job is a new trend. Since million of people like to play games in their cell phones, PSPs, and laptops, this booming industry need highly-qualified professionals to create new games to sustain the entertainment demand of gamers. If you have superb skills in programming and developing programs in a computer and you are creative and imaginative enough to create exciting and interesting games, you are highly in demand to fill the gap in the game field.

2. Geriatric healthcare services. Most students of medical-related degrees can opt to enter the health service industry of serving the health needs of the elderly people. As the advanced aged population is increasing, the demand will also increase as people age, they are normally required to visit hospitals and clinics more often.

3. Date Mining. Businesses and government agencies are in need to collect huge amount of information and knowledge about people and other things. Thus, they are also in need of skilled personnel to analyze data and make sense of it.

4. Mobile Media. Graphic artists who will create different advertisements in the mobile internet industry are in great demand as the number of people who are dependent on their cell phones to sift information is also increasing.

5. Cancer clinical design and supervision. Cancer has been a long dreaded disease and more people are affected by it every year. In this case, outstanding people are needed who can design clinical experiments and trials to find better ways to cure cancer and other related diseases and health risks.

6. Engineers. Almost all industries and business are in great need of engineers who will design their systems and operations.

7. Web Writing. As internet use continue to increase in gathering information and news-gathering, web writers are in great demand. However, this field requires new approaches to writing.

8. Professional health and safety. Skilled professionals who are trained for emergency preparedness are now in great demand so that people can cope with advances in technology and in safety hazards in the workplace.

9. Translators. As most businesses go to a global scale, most professionals need to communicate with persons who speak different languages. Thus, an experienced translator is required so that business partners from the opposite parts of the world can close a deal.

10. Business Analysts. Most business techniques and programs are failing as experienced in the global recession. Most companies need business analysts to guide them through the waves of economy and are willing to pay a huge amount just to know the right practices and the best techniques they can employ for their business needs.
What Do Systems Analysts Do,

Systems analysts first analyze how an organization can use computers to develop of process things. First, they analyze the current situation and observe. After this, they would be able to identify the needs of the company. Once the needs are known, a systems analyst proposes to whoever is in charge what computer systems are needed, can be improved or what software is needed.

They would gather data first by asking people around what they would want their computers to be able to do. Based on the
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gathered data, they would plan a computer system that would be able to do those tasks effectively. A computer system is any group of computers, computer tools or software.

The main job of systems analysts is actually to get computers in a company's system to work together. They would connect all computers together through a network and would analyze how they would be able to transfer data from one computer to another. This process would require a lot of research, a lot of data of which systems analysts are able to get from the internet.

Another important duty of systems analysts is to make sure that the computer systems are safe. In a lot of companies, a lot of sensitive information would be stored in computer systems. These could be lost if the system would have unwanted foreign matter such as viruses or spyware. Systems analysts, with their knowledge, would figure out how to prevent these from getting in a company's computer system.

Job Requirements

In order to be a systems analyst, one must have extensive knowledge on computers particularly with computer systems. A bachelor's degree is also required by almost all companies who would hire systems analyst. Some college degrees that would be ideal if one would consider being a systems analyst later would be information technology, information management, computer engineering or computer science. After finishing a bachelor's degree, some would pursue further training or would gain computer experience.

Some would prefer having a master's degree in business as this would enable them to be effective in organizing data. This would also help them understand better what the needs of businesspeople are when it comes to computers.

In order for systems analysts to be effective in their jobs, they need to have excellent logical skills. It is also important that systems analysts would have effective written and oral communication skills for them to be able to communicate instructions and proposals effectively.

Job Outlook

The demand for systems analysts is expected to grow faster than most jobs as more and more firms are making use of computers for running their businesses and with that, having a good systems analyst would be very helpful for them since they would know how the company would use these computer systems to make the businesses run more effectively.

Another reason why the demand could increase is because computer systems nowadays are placed under the many threats of hacking and viruses. With systems analysts, they are able to prevent these unfortunate things from happening.

People who have good education such as those with backgrounds on business and computer systems would have good prospects of finding a job in this position.

Salary Expectation

Systems analysts can earn anywhere from around $43,000 to about $105,000. The middle portion of all systems analysts have been earning from around $55,000 to around $88,000.
What Does A Stockbroker Do,

A stockbroker acts as a medium between sellers of stocks and buyers of it. With a stockbroker's knowledge in finance, economics and other related factors, a stockbroker is able to advise and sell stocks that are up on the market, more than that, a stockbroker sees to it that the trade between buyer and seller goes smoothly as much as possible and at the same time, since stockbroker pay is commission based, a stockbroker would sell as much as he could.

Stockbrokers come with a complete portfolio of stock
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s that are up for sale and they know everything about these stocks as well as have good ideas of how the values of these stocks would behave. If not for this type of service, it might take years for someone who is interested in stocks to cross paths with someone that holds it.

With the advancement of technology, stockbrokers nowadays are able to work through the internet just as if they were selling face to face. There are now online brokerage firms that could give information and trade stocks with very low costs and would do it accurately and much more convenient on behalf of those who are trading stocks.

What Are The Job Requirements,

Basically, there are actually no specific educational requirements in being a stockbroker however; employers nowadays would look for people who have completed at least a bachelor's degree. What employers are after is how teachable a person is and if his character is right for the job.

While education is not actually a pre-requisite, there are some things that an aspiring stockbroker can learn for him to be competent in his field. Some ideal college courses could be finance, marketing, mathematics or economics since these courses would most likely have curriculums that would give an aspiring stockbroker a well rounded understand of how things are in the field.

For a stockbroker to be competent, he also needs to have the character right for the job. A stockbroker should have excellent communication skills for him to be able to sell stocks. One also must be always updated with stocks and how external factors around may be affecting stocks. Since this job has a lot to deal with numbers, a stockbroker should have good mathematical skills. If a stockbroker should lack in any requirements, some training is provided by the company which could really enhance a stockbroker's skills.

Job Outlook

The demand for stockbrokers would depend heavily on how much people are getting into stock exchange and the number of people who would get into stock exchange would depend heavily on the economy. With how the economy is behaving lately, it can be said that the number of stockbrokers would just grow at the same rate of most other jobs in the market.

With a lot of people qualified for the job, this also poses up some competition. Those who have good educational backgrounds, good training and have the skills necessary, although they would be great prospects in the job market, would still have to prove themselves in competition with other people who are also qualified for the position.

Salary Expectation

Some stock brokers are salary based however, most of them would prefer to have commission based pay since this would generally give them more money. A stockbroker's pay, when commission based would only depend on how much stock one is able to sell. Firms can give up to 10% commission plus benefits to stockbrokers.
What Does The Job Involve,

A stage performer carries out a role which people are to see live on stage. They are responsible for giving that given role the right attitude and emotions, that role of which is also directed by the director and scriptwriter. While this job may have very rewarding pays, what actors would have to go through is not that easy. A lot of them would go unemployed during off season, get rejected numerous times for auditions and would go for intense competition for roles.

Unlike film actors wherein an actor w
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ould only have to do things just once, stage actors do everything live and would do the play over and over numerous times. Rehearsal is also critical and they rehearse much more than they perform; if they perform twice a week, they would rehearse around 3 to 5 times a week.

One of the most popular types of stage actors that we see are the ones who would perform musicals, as these are one of the more popular types of stage plays.

Job Requirements

Having a degree in theater arts is not really the thing when directors or producers would hire actors, although this can be an advantage, there have been numerous stage actors who have entered the industry even without a degree. What they are more concerned of are talent and looks alone. As much as possible, those who would hire actors would look for people who are really fit for the roles they are looking for.

While an education is not necessary, there are a lot of things that a degree in fine arts can give to those who would really want to pursue acting in fact, some would even go up to a master's degree. What is really needed here is a lot of training and workshops.

In order to excel in acting, one must possess intensive creativity in order for them to be able to easily adjust to portraying different roles. One must also have the capacity to perform on stage, acrobatic ability is a keen advantage as some demanding roles would need this. Other important things are poise, ability to follow directions and the ability to put an impact into the audience.

Job Outlook

The number of stage actors is expected to grow just as much as other occupations mainly because stage plays are becoming more popular and a lot of elder actors are retiring, giving more opportunities to those who would want to pursue a stage acting career.

Because of job irregularity, meaning that some stage actors do not get roles that often, not too much people are attracted to this job. As for those who still would want to pursue acting, they would have to put up with a lot of competition.

The issue here is competition as it is really stiff. In selecting actors, those who would be choosing would only take the best there are. Only the best looking, the most talented, the most energetic and the ones with the most experience will find good acting careers.

Salary Expectation

Stage actors would often start out in high school and college pays. While this would not give them any salary at all, this would give them the training necessary if they really would want to pursue an acting career. This also gives them a chance to be discovered.

When starting out, actors can earn just about $11 per hour but if they would prosper, they could start earning as much as around $60 per hour.
Most experts select the top ten careers for 2009 depending on the salary and the job satisfaction. Even though money is important to a man's modern survival, it is not the most important factor to determine the ten hottest careers:

1. Video jockeying (VJs). This is one of the most popular jobs in the entertainment and television industry. Video Jockeys are also music authorities and are required to possess the updated information on the latest trends in music, videos, stars and other entertainment celebrities. This kind of job is ap
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pealing for teenagers and fresh graduates.

2. Fashion Designing. A career as a fashion designer is becoming trendy. It includes creating new designs to ride in with the fashion trends. Many huge fashion houses, hire many fashion designers and most of them are doing business almost in any part of the world.

3. Call Centers. A career as a call center agent offer wide array of opportunities for people who have not completed a degree but at least reached college level. This job is high-paying and the job is very easy. Most call centers provide benefits such as free transportation, meals and other rewarding benefits. This job is popular in India, Philippines and Singapore.

4. Pilot. A career as an airplane pilot is both rewarding and satisfying. Aside from the high salary, it will give a person a rare chance of traveling around the globe. This is a very competitive field and the money is always good. However, it is a job which needs high qualifications. One needs rigorous training in aviation, interpretation of weather reports, operation of complex controls and also a spirit for safety travel.

5. Biotechnologists. As many people go loco with organic food and health products. A career in biotechnology seems lucrative. There is a great scope for individuals in this career field as the demand increases worldwide. Most biotechnologists work in factories, processing plants, biology laboratories, government funded projects and private organizations.

6. Accountant. Accountants carry out a wide array of accounting, auditing, taxation, financial counseling and other activities for private or corporate services. Some accountants focus on tax matters of the government, such as auditing companies of its tax obligations to the state.

7. Interior decorators and Landscape artists. As more people grow richer, they tend to build or buy houses. Interior decorators and landscape artists both work with decorating spaces within rooms, buildings, or gardens, show parks and other places. The advantage in this career is you have your own time if you are working on a freelance basis.

8. Wedding planner/Bridal Consultant. Wedding planners and bridal consultants are individual professionals who are trained to see to the very specific and delicate details during a wedding. These people are experts in managing every need of the bride and groom from the planning process to reception. The demand is growing as people want their wedding day as perfect as possible.

9. Mental Health Counselors. These professionals help people deal with substance abuse, suicidal tendencies, stress management, boosting self-esteem and self confidence, wedding counseling and other issues affecting the mental and emotional health of an individual and of the family.

10. Marriage counselors. These people provide support, guidance, treatment, rehabilitation, cure, treatment and instruction to couples who have found their marriage in a failing state. They are well-trained in conflict resolution and management. As the divorce and annulment rate increases, this career has an increasing demand.