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Shiloh the Husky was our first Siberian Husky and one of the founding dogs of this channel. It will be 5 years ago this Wednesday , since Shiloh died. She was 11 years old when she passed away. We have a lot of new subscribers and we get asked quite often, what happened to Shiloh, and did Shiloh the Husky die? The sad answer is yes, she did. This video was made to answer those questions, and also for an upcoming playlist, I plan on doing, telling the story of each of our dogs. We decided to do Shiloh first, since she
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was the first. Shiloh crossed over the rainbow bridge on Jan 17, 2013. And we miss her every single day. I am so glad we made so many videos with her, and we were able to share how amazing of a dog she was with all of you, even if it was only for a short time.
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Husky Love! I Love my Siberian Husky! If you love Siberian Huskies, DIY Dog Treats, Unboxings, Camping and Adventure, then you have come to the right place. This dog vlog is all about our Siberian Huskies. We started this channel so that we could share our love of the husky breed with the world. Dogs are so special and our dogs bring us so much happiness everyday, that we wanted to share that with the world. For the love of all that is dog, hit that subscribe button and join us on our adventure with our huskies!
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Great Dog Training Advice
Fred has just begun his 5 week board and train program to work on a few ongoing issues. His owner has been struggling with him reacting on leash towards other dogs. His reactivity is getting worse and becoming more and more of an issue for his owners. He has redirected when receiving a correction for reacting. The redirection resulted in a bite on his owner.
Fred will also play aggressively with other dogs and has gotten into a few fights before. He has been in 5 fights in the 4 years his owner has owned him. The last fight Fred was in resulted in a bite on his owner
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, however, he is not sure if it is from Fred or the other dog. The fights have never left the other dogs injured.
Fred will also counter surf and search for food at other peoples houses, as well.
His owner wants to get help with these issues and refresh his dog on the skills he does know. We will be focusing on structure and teaching Fred that he does not need to react. He is a whiney dog so we will be showing him a calmer state of mind and how to become more balanced overall.
Jeff Gellman
Solid K9 Training
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Solid K9 Training, founded by award-winning, internationally-acclaimed dog trainer Jeff Gellman, is one of the nations most effective and respected dog training services providing no-nonsense, "Real World" training methods throughout New England. Serving dog owners from Hartford, CT to Boston, MA in our multifaceted, secure and 24/7 staffed Solid K9 Training Center in Providence, RI, as well as all throughout the nation with Jeff's wildly successful RV Dog Trainer Tour. We will train any dog, regardless of breed, shape, size or history. We work to fix all dog behavior issues including excessive barking, growling, snapping, nipping, dog aggression (fighting), human aggression (biting), child aggression, pulling on leash, leash aggression, leash reactivity, skateboard reactivity, resource guarding, jumping on people, fear issues, anxiety issues, separation anxiety, chewing and destroying household items, running away, not listening, door bolting, stealing food, getting into the trash, cat aggression, chasing game, and killing animals/game. We also have a renowned reputation specializing in obedience training, which includes heeling and walking properly on a leash, sit/stay, down/stay, place, recall training (come to owner), and crate training. Our Training services include Board and Train behavioral modification, 1 on 1 Training, Obedience Classes, Puppy Training programs, Boarding / Board & Play, Daycare, and many free dog training resources including Dog training advice videos, dog training webinars, and Dog Training Q and A videos on Periscope on Monday and Wednesday nights. Our behavior modification training is cutting edge, using techniques like modern low level E-collar (remote collar) training and food and clicker training. Solid K9 Training has a worldwide reputation of being able to handle the most challenging dog behaviors and often times other dog trainers will refer their more serious cases to us.
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Fat Burning Fingerprint : http://bit.ly/2H0hqpY Fat Burning Fingerprint Gary Watson: Ladies (and guys), if you’ve ever tried to lose a bit (or a lot) of weight, then it’s highly likely that you might have shelled out some of your hard earned cash on a diet product. And here’s betting that it didn’t work! Or even if it did, you ended up putting all the weight back on afterwards (and probably a few extra pounds for good measure). So when we came across Fat Burning Fingerprint, a product that promises to be able t
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Watch to learn how to use your Petmate Simple Sifting Litter System.
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Get your dog to focus on you…not them! The Lure Stick, demonstrated by professional dog trainer Brandon McMillan in his book “Lucky Dog Lessons: Train your Dog in 7 Days”, is a treat reward and redirection tool to help stop dogs from pulling on the leash and to heel. Extending 31 inches, you’re also able to reward your dog without having to crouch or bend down. The retractable design and attached belt clip allow you to keep the Lure Stick on you for convenience. The patented clip lets you put your dog's favorite treats inside while the soft springs
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hold the treat lightly enough so your best friend can easily take the treat out. The Lure Stick to helps resolve leash aggression, lunging, and with encouragement and obedience.
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