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Yes, this makes 7 lumps total that we have had removed from Shelby. Thankfully so far, only the one has come back as cancer. So we are hoping these two will come back as NON-cancerous as well!

Back in November, Shelby had to have surgery to remove a lump that we found on her. The lump was a Malignant Pilomatrixoma tumor. This tumor had local tissue invasion, chronic inflammation and reactive fibrosis. The Tumor was cystic and pa
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rtially ruptured and also had mild multifocal lymphoplasmacytic and neutrophilic inflammation.

Bascially this is a uncommon type of tumor that starts in a hair bulb. This type of tumor can metastasize to the lungs, bone, lymph nodes, or other places. As of today, we do not know if any of this has happened.

So what does all of this mean? Well as of writing this, we have already visited an oncologist, and all of Shelby's cancer scans came back good, so we decided NOT to do chemotherapy on her. Instead we are constantly checking her for new lumps, and any times we find new ones, we take her in and have a needle biopsy done. Well this time around we didn't even do the biopsy because of the location of these lumps. The vet was worried if they grew fast, that they would be very hard to remove. So we removed them. We won't have the results for 10 - 14 days.

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