As a parent, you hate to think that your child could use drugs, but knowing the signs and how to take action is important because it very well could be your child that finds himself with an addiction from simply trying to be cool or giving in to peer pressure. Children use drugs for a variety of reasons. It doesn’t imply that you’ve done something wrong or failed as a parent. It simply means that your child took a less desired route for one reason or another and that it is time to help them while you still can! #1. Some of the most common reasons for children experimenting with drugs include: Peer pressure from people at school or friends. Some children want to escape from life and the realities of it. Problems at home. Problems with friends or with close relationships. Curiosity. #2. Don’t be Naive. Don’t be naive to the fact that your child may be doing drugs. Turning the other cheek isn’t going to make the problem go away or change the fact that you suspect that something is going on. Before you know it the problem that your teen is experiencing can spiral out of control and take a major toll on everyone in the family. If you suspect that your child is using drugs, take action quickly!