Face book marketing new so why facebook

Learn how to create good Facebook ad from these Facebook ad examples... I share my favorite ads from my Facebook swipe file here.

Looking through the Ads from the greats in internet marketing is a great way to pick up on Facebook advertising tips by modeling what they do and trying to figure out their reasons behind what they do when advertising.

All of these ads were created with the Facebook power editor in the fashion I lay out here in the Facebook advertising video: https://goo.gl/fQHZ3p

This video takes a step back from our Facebook marketing tutorial series to study some of the great marketers online and to analyze their Facebook ads so we can integrate these ideas into your Facebook advertising campaign.

It is important to model successful people as you grow your online business so you can increase your likelihood of success.

For my video on modeling, go here: https://goo.gl/fQHZ3p

But... Back to the Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are composed of several parts.

First there is the ad copy that is above the image. This is the hook in your advertisement and needs to grab your potential customer\'s attention.

I like using questions in this top ad text area as described in the video.

Then comes your image. Now the image is best when it looks \'natural\' in the user\'s Facebook timeline.

Pictures with images of people, settings, and images that people are used to seeing on Facebook are best. You don\'t want your image to look like an advertisement... But like a \'normal\' image that belongs on Facebook.

Then there is the headline of your ad. This comes below the image and can \'answer\' the question proposed in the ad above the image.

Then you have the description text and finally the link text and the call to action button.

This is just one step in the fb ads creation process... For the full series of tutorial on how to use the Power Editor to create facebook ads for beginners or for advanced marketers, go here:


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